Authored Publications

04.27.2016 | Walter J. Taché, Magda C. Rodriguez

How New Fla. Health Care Laws May Create More Confusion

12.23.2015 | By Marissel Descalzo

AML Requirements Proposed for Investment Advisers

10.30.2015 | By Marissel Descalzo, Gavrila A. Brotz

Implications of Internal Data Theft at Hospitals: Tips for Preventing and Handling Data Breaches by Employees

09.03.2015 | By Marissel Descalzo

Closing Gaps? FinCEN Proposes Anti-Money Laundering Rule for Investment Advisers

06.15.2015 | By Marissel Descalzo

A New Era of HIPAA Enforcement

06.15.2015 | By Gavrila A. Brotz

RadioShack’s Consumer Data: A Highly Scrutinized Asset

06.09.2015 | By Marissel Descalzo

The Ethics of Internal Investigations, Domestic and Abroad: 
Protecting the Attorney Client Privilege during Internal Investigations after In re Kellogg Brown & Root, Inc.

05.13.2015 | By Marissel Descalzo

Healthcare Fraud Initiatives in 2015

04.15.2015 | By Marissel Descalzo

Food for Thought: Jail Sentences Send Strong Message to Food Industry 

United States of America v. Quality Eggs, LLC, et al., 99 F.Supp. 3d 920 (D. Iowa Apr. 14, (2015)

03.25.2015 | By Gavrila A. Brotz

State Law Claims Based on HIPAA Guideline Violations Are Not Preempted by HIPAA

03.23.2015 | By Marissel Descalzo

New York’s Banking Regulator Proposes Tougher Anti-Money Laundering and Cybersecurity Enforcement Rules

12.22.2014 | By Gavrila A. Brotz

Protections Governing Theft and Publication of Medical Records

09.16.2014 | By Marissel Descalzo

SEC Takes Action for Retaliation Against Whistleblower

07.02.2014 | By Walter J. Taché

Eleventh Circuit Reverses District Court on Application of Noneconomic Damages Cap

07.02.2014 | By Marissel Descalzo

Employers Fight Back Against Whistleblowers

06.25.2014 | By Walter J. Taché, Gavrila A. Brotz

Florida Governor Signs Florida Information Protection Act

06.24.2014 | By Gavrila A. Brotz

Data Breach Class Action Not Barred by Lack of Individual Injury in West Virginia

05.14.2014 | By Marissel Descalzo

A Victory For Crime Victims In Eleventh Circuit

03.31.2014 | By Jennifer Christianson

Expect Focus on Antitrust Issues in the Health Care Industry

03.19.2014 | By Marissel Descalzo

High Court Deals Major Blow To Criminal Defendant

10.29.2013 | By Marissel Descalzo

Eleventh Circuit Clarifies District Court’s Power to Order Criminal Defendants to Pay Restitution for Uncharged or Dismissed Conduct

10.28.2013 | By Gavrila A. Brotz

Florida’s Second District Court of Appeal Issues Important Decision on Inadmissibility of Physician Board Certification Exam Results

01.07.2013 | By Walter J. Taché

Qui Tam Case Study: Dismissal Based on Whistleblower’s Lack of Standing

02.07.2012 | By Marissel Descalzo

Corporate Internal Investigations: A Modern Cost of Doing Business

01.25.2012 | By Marissel Descalzo

Taking Number Five In a Civil Proceeding: What You Need To Know