White Collar Criminal Defense

White Collar Criminal Defense Our approach to investigation and white collar defense is client-focused. For individuals, the impact on their lives can be all consuming. For many, these challenges can also affect their business reputations, licenses, and financial interests.

Our attorneys advise targets and witnesses in grand jury investigations, guiding them through the indictment, pretrial, trial and appellate proceedings in state and federal court throughout the United States and abroad.

When these concerns arise in overlapping civil, administrative and criminal proceedings, we work to ensure the handling of each proceeding considers its impact on each other.

In addition to representing individuals, our attorneys represent public and private corporations and other entities in government and internal investigations. When those matters proceed to civil, administrative or criminal prosecution, our expertise in regulated fields such as food and drug, health care, government ethics, and the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) assist in obtaining favorable results.