Criminal charges against you or someone close to you can be an unfortunate reality. You will have questions about the process, but you may not know where to start or who to turn to for help. Fear and intimidation tactics should not prevent you from receiving fair and expert legal representation in a court of law.

If there are charges against you, you have legal rights in the state of Florida, which include the representation of a qualified attorney. Hiring a reputable criminal defense lawyer ensures that you receive sound legal advice and fair counsel for your case in Miami criminal courts.

A criminal charge has severe repercussions and affects your life long-term. At Tache Bronis, our lawyers work to minimize the future impact of your criminal case. We have years of experience tackling challenging criminal defense cases in Miami, FL, and a thorough understanding of defense law.

Why Hire a Criminal Defense Attorney?

An experienced criminal defense attorney leaves no stone unturned when it comes to the investigation process. It’s not just about defending your rights. Detailed investigations and questioning are also part of the process. Criminal defense attorneys negotiate your case in both state and federal courts and ensure that you receive a fair trial.

A criminal defense attorney helps with:

  •       Asking the right questions
  •       Negotiating a federal detention hearing
  •       Conducting a thorough investigation
  •       Examining evidence
  •       Defending you in court

Once you have chosen your attorney, he or she gets to work on your case, asking the right questions to understand your situation. You must be transparent with your attorney so that you receive the best defense against the most challenging charges brought against you. A lawyer’s job is to ensure you receive a fair hearing, and that is your legal right.

In some instances, you may receive temporary release via bond or bail with a federal detention hearing. For this to work, the defendant must not be a threat to the community. There should also be no reasonable doubt that the defendant will appear in court on the assigned trial date. Getting this type of release requires the experience of a sharp negotiator who is well-versed in criminal defense law.

A successful hearing allows you to stay home while you await trial, giving you precious time to spend with friends and family before you go to court.

Once your attorney takes on the case, he or she will conduct a thorough investigation of what happened. An investigation is an essential function conducted before the trial. It allows your lawyer to gather evidence and gain more information regarding the incident.

Your lawyer also examines previous evidence brought against you to determine how to proceed with the case. In many instances, previous evidence is not reliable or has been tampered with. A skilled lawyer identifies these problems and brings them to the court’s attention.

In a Miami court, your lawyer takes on a series of duties that include:

Selecting a Jury

Your Miami criminal defense attorney helps with choosing a jury for your case. A skilled lawyer has the expertise to help them identify unbiased jury members that increase the likelihood of a fair trial. Lawyers also bargain an appropriate plea deal with state prosecutors, depending on the case.

Bargaining a Plea Deal

When clients have complex cases, attorneys may be able to negotiate a lesser sentence to reduce their chances of a long incarceration period. Bargaining a plea deal usually means you plead guilty in exchange for reduced charges.

Representation While Sentencing

Finally, a lawyer stays with you until the end of the trial process and is your ally during sentencing. A good lawyer may have a hand in discussing your charges with the judge. Your lawyer may drastically reduce your sentence or help you avoid a lengthy incarceration period if you are found guilty.

Criminal Defense Lawyers Miami

Do not let fear, uncertainty, and the pressure of a criminal case rob you of your rights and peace of mind. If you need a Miami criminal defense team that works in the best interest of their clients, we have the experience and legal knowledge you need.

Contact our experts at Tache Bronis at 305-537-9565 (rights reserved) for a free, no-obligation consultation. Our clients are our priority. We analyze your case and apply our years of experience to give you a fighting chance in the Miami courts.

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